Daniel M. P. Shaw

Small Enough?

by Tiger the Lion

Released 2008
Released 2008
Catchy, haunting melodies, oriental flourishes and eastern rhythms. Crunchy harmonies support memorable lyrics and nature-poetry.
Tiger the Lion is back! In 2009, the group's innovative music is even more varied in bringing us its own blend of 'music without borders'.

Five years after forming, Tiger the Lion bring us their 3rd album, "Small Enough?" - and their first attempt at a 'concept album'. Right from the beginning, the listener is plunged into a non-stop musical rollercoaster which doesn't let up until its very last notes.

Moving from Brit-Pop-Folk to Massala Rock and beyond, Tiger the Lion - the British-Swiss UFO ('Unidentified Folky Object') - squeeze every last drip from their diverse influences, while not forgetting their roots: Indian Tabla and Harmonium, Japanese Koto, three unique voices, - all supported by, rich, crunchy, folk-inspired guitar.

This time, though, the trio is joined by other instruments: violin, viola, harmonica, piano, cello, drums, didgeridoo, double bass…

The title of the album asks us a question, "Small enough?", and aims to explore the modern paradox of living in an increasingly complex world. A world which, nonetheless, seems to be becoming smaller and smaller. In a society that has lost its naïveté to personality cults and sensationalism, it is the small details of life that are usually forgotten - even though they are often the most important parts of our lives.

Taking these questions as a point of departure, the album explores the possible answers. In the form of 18 interlinking songs, we are taken on a daring, very human voyage to new musical horizons.

"Small enough?", mastered by John Astley (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Abba, The Sex Pistols, Tori Amos…) is a musical goldmine - not to be missed under any circumstances!