Daniel M. P. Shaw

One Day

by Daniel M. P. Shaw

Released 2006
Boj River Music
Released 2006
Boj River Music
Both intimate and rousing, this purely acoustic 'lost' album of single takes from one day in the studio - recorded some time between 2005 and 2006 - is a revealing collection of songs from Dan's period with Tiger the Lion.
Dan is a Bermuda-born, British-Swiss singer-songwriter who performs solo and as part of the indie folk-rock band, The Flocking Murmuration. He was also previously part of the world-pop-folk trio Tiger the Lion.

On 1st January 2017, Dan set himself the challenge to write and share a song every day for the whole year. This project is called "A Song, A Day, A Year". These songs are recorded as one-shot "live" demos.

"A Song, A Day, A Year" is like a daily invitation into a songwriter's workshop.

Dan believes that music can change minds and unite. Songs can raise awareness and provide support - to individuals, organisations and issues that matter.

When you buy, stream or watch Dan's music or videos, a significant percentage of the money will go directly to an important cause linked to that song. For more information on the songs and causes, explore this site, or contact us.

Why not buy a song today, or watch a video, contributing to a worthy cause?